Lightning Network FPS Gains Popularity – Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

As the outstanding performance of the Super System continues to broaden, there is a powerful push to combine cryptocurrencies in to the pc gaming field. This month, one more LN-powered first-person shooter (FPS) due to the title of Bitcoin Prize Hunt reached the electronic shelves for all to take pleasure in. The information showcases additional use situations for the 2nd coating method, along with, an opportunity for games to come to be much more financially rewarding in the incredibly future.

Bitcoin Bounty Quest

The Bitcoin Prize Hunt game is your standard first-person shooting with a crypto spin. The platform takes advantage of Lightning Network micropayments to compensate players for their developments in the game. Players may choose their players and stadium.

Make Bitcoin – Bitcoin Prize Hunt

Lightning Network FPS Gains Popularity - Bitcoin Bounty Hunt |

Identical to many FPS titles, gamers fight in an on-line sector. Here they can gather bounties as well as earn Bitcoin through acquiring Satoshi Cubes. Gamers can likewise pile some sats through killing various other players in the arena. Satoshis could be converted into actual Satoshis as well as taken out after a specific amount of time. In addition, gamers may use their hard-earned crypto to teleport all and also get more.

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

The designer cumulative behind the job, Donnerlab, desired to make a structured pc gaming experience that enables customers to effectively use their incomes. As part of the group’s technique, they combined the hugely well-liked Neutrino pocketbook. This purse approves both standard as well as Bitcoin Lightning Network settlements straight.

The game features a couple of other forms of monetization to assist buffer growth prices. There are actually numerous in-game promotions that feature during the course of your battles. Likewise, Ad-Hodl Auctions are plentiful in the game cryptocurrency games.

Super System PC Gaming Rising

Online Gaming Donnerlab Lets Users Collect BTC In Bounty Hunt

Donnerlab isn’t alone on their quest to produce gaming profitable. Actually numerous Lighting fixtures System FPSs exist. Particularly, none of these games resemble the high-end console FPSs including Call of Duty or Field of battle fairly yet, yet they are the best example of exactly how the business is prepping to conform to the Web 3.0 change.


Like Bitcoin Prize Seeker, the platform makes use of the Lightning Network’s microtransaction abilities throughout the game. Players can make bitcoin whenever they shoot other gamers in the fight stadium.

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