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We have always believed that it is possible to work anywhere and earn anytime, globally it’s very common. What about Indonesia? It’s very possible. With the rapid growth of Internet users and online transactions, the need of Informational Products in large variety is still a very green market. Idaff is solving the problem for that need, in addition to minimize business burning rates traffic/us er acquisition we also provide the solution through our CPA model.

This is how we do it!

At Idaff we help Digital Marketers locate incredible & in-demand products to promote online, we help Product Creators translate their passion & expertise into products that sells, we help Customers find a unique informational lifestyle products with just one click!


Simply to be the Leading Informational Product and Lifestyle Marketplace in Asia


Provide a platform that helps Product Creators get the most from their expertise and passion
Provide opportunity Digital Marketters grow their skills through our academy and start earning through online marketing
Provide a Market for Customers to get the great products and opportunities to grow their life and business
Help Businesses grow leads, traffic and conversion through our platform
Build a Strong Community

The Team & Founders


Sunil Tolani

CEO & Co-Founder

Dee Ferdinand

COO & Founder

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