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All orders go through IDAFF’s secure payment system. Customers are ordering through a reputable source, and vendors/affiliates don't need to process and confirm order manually or create their own payment system


We Process Payments on Your Behalf

We process all transactions for you, no need to use your own bank or apply for a merchant account. Twice a month your profits will be sent straight to your bank account for your convenience. No hassle and no complicated steps

"Peace of Mind for You
and Your Customers"

Sell Anywhere You Prefer

Host your sales page in IDAFF for free, and start selling within minutes. No technical knowledge required! If you prefer to sell your product through your own website, simply add IDAFF order button to your site we can start accepting orders for you!


We Do Refunds, Affiliate Payouts and Other Boring Stuff for You!

We will pay your affiliates, handle refund requests, keep your sales records, forward support questions to your email, etc. Let us take care of the boring stuff so you can focus on growing your online business!

Why Choose IDAFF?


Autoresponder Integration

Build your customer list automatically without having them to fill out any subscription form. We integrate with reputable autoresponder services: GetResponse and MailChimp


Choose How to Pay Your Affiliates

Share percentage of your profits or pay fixed amount of commission… it’s up to you! As a vendor, you will get freedom to choose what type of commission structure that suitable for your affiliates


Profit Maximization with Sales Funnels

Maximize your profits by adding upsells, downsells and one-time offers to your sales funnel. Your new customers will be be given the option to upgrade their purchase with more products or services


Automated Digital Product Delivery

IDAFF automate the whole process of digital product delivery to your customers. Upon successful payment, your customers will be given a unique access info to gain access to your product. Your digital product are protected and only paying customers can download it


Membership Integration

Now you can start your own membership site and charge recurring fees to your customers. IDAFF integrates with the most popular membership script in the market: A member. Your customers will be added to your membership site upon successful payment, and automatic member removal should they decided to cancel


Detailed Report and Analytics

IDAFF provides you with important metrics you should be aware of: number of clicks, number of sales, number of affiliates, etc. You will be able to download a full report with all the information you need at the click of your mouse!


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  Privasi Anda Kami Hormati. Anda Bisa Berhenti Kapan Saja.